"A good photograph captures more than what we see with just our eyes".

My first experience with a camera began at a very young age with a hand me down Kodak box Brownie. I was immediately attracted by the opportunity this gave me to convey something of what I saw of the world around me.

From then on I've had an on again, off again relationship with photography but became interested full time following my retirement. This co-incided with the time cameras, electronics and the internet merged providing unimagined opportunities to explore new ideas and ways of doing things.

I'm currently president of the ACE Camera Club here in Albany and am enjoying the challenges of the post covid club environment and the way we need to adapt to situation.

With the advent of artificial intelligence I'm looking forward to how this will change the face of art and photography and most likely end up with a new hybrid concept combining the best of both worlds. Exciting times!

You can contact me by email at...... epix88@gmail.com or Mob 0481 315 262

ACE Camera Club website....... www.acecameraclub.com